Senior Shout-out

What makes you HAPPI about the Class of 2020?  You can say it now and say it loud with a HAPPI Senior Shout-out!

Just download the free HAPPI 927 app for Apple or Android to record your shout-out.

Wish your favorite graduate the best while letting them know how much they mean to you.

HAPPI Senior Shout-out is brought to you by Tendto Credit Union, SONIC and Jimmy John’s.

How to send a shout-out

Open the HAPPI 92.7 app.

Android users: Tap the menu button (three stacked lines) in the top-left corner and select Shoutout.

Android users: Tap the more button (three dots) in the bottom right corner and select Shoutout.

What to include

In your recorded message, make sure you mention the senior’s name and the school.

When you go to submit the shoutout by tapping the send (paper plane icon), put the senior’s name and phone number in the title before hitting post.

Having trouble or don’t want to record a message?

Fill out this form instead: