Intern Mark Update!

Hi there!

This week has been quite eventful for me.

In terms of HAPPI, I get to spend some time with Ryan and to help him with his weekend show. He does prerecorded voice tracks for the night show, and I helped decide his content. At one point, he had me help pick an article or two to talk about. He talked an article I found on about robotic surgeries happening in local Erie hospitals. That’s pretty crazy.


After the voice tracks were done, Ryan and I produced the weather. The weather report is sent to use from a local news network and we cut it down in order to fit it into our schedule. After, we add some edits to make it sound pretty, and some sound/background music to make all of our weather reports have a standard sound.


In terms of school, I had to make two promos for my radio show. I had to make both a 15 second and 30 second promo for BVZ. I was also initially planning to have my first show this week, but due to a flub-up in the DJ program we use, I was unable to this week. Next week, on Monday, I will be talking about Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It should be a great time.


Just another eventful week in the life as a HAPPI intern.


Mark Makowski


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