HAPPI 927 and Tendto Credit Union are looking for a CHAMP!  

It’s the Tendto Credit Union College Campus Champ! This guy or gal tends to give more to others,  tends to do more for others and tends to help others more.  

Do you know a College Campus Champ?  

Nominate them now by giving us their name, their college and in your own words why they are a Tendto Credit Union College Campus Champ.  One College Campus Champ will be chosen. They’ll receive the Tendto College Campus Champ award along with $500 from Tendto Credit Union. The world needs more champs! 

– Nominate a champ now – 

All entries must be received by Friday,  November 8th at 5PM.  Winner revealed LIVE on Thursday November 14th at 11AM.

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