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  1. Another Fantastic Week as a HAPPI Intern

    Hi There!


    Your HAPPI intern, Mark, coming back from another fantastic week.


    This week, I got to go to the Humane Society with Ryan and Shari in order to promote their loving animals. We did a promotion of a loving pup named Alvin. We got some video of Alvin playing while Shari did a voice-over. Alvin is very energetic, playful, camera-friendly, and just an overall good dog. He gave us no problems while we were there and he was such a treat to be with.


    Later in the day, Ryan tracked his weekend show while I observed. While we had some extra time, he had me do some practice voice tracks in order for me to prepare for my radio show, in the coming week. He gave me some constructive advice about back-selling, as well as talking as if somebody was there.


    I also got to start my radio show at Behrend, this week. Tune in every Monday at Noon and listen to the Vinyl Version to BVZRadio. I was able to go through Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of Moon, but the album was a little short, so my show ran about ten minutes short. Next week, I will pay more attention to the time of the album I choose. I plan to be doing a Rush album next week. Hope to see you there!


    Your HAPPI intern,

    Mark Makowski


    Alvin, from the Erie Humane Society

  2. Catching up with Christa

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week and has gotten a chance to enjoy this beautiful Erie weather we’ve been having. I started last week off by adding spots into the rotator. This is becoming a routine job of mine and I feel more confident doing it on my own the more I practice. Then, Sam gave me a brief rundown of how traffic works. This involves creating a schedule for when commercials should play and double checking to make sure that all commercials air when they are supposed to. Sam gave me a lot of great tips about how commercials should be arranged and how stop sets should be formatted. I look forward to learning more about traffic from her! Finally, I wrapped up the day by shadowing Ryan during voice tracking and he let me practice some tracking myself again. Ryan has helped steer me in the right direction and has given me a lot of helpful pointers about developing your presence on-air. I’m really enjoying this aspect of radio so far, and I feel myself becoming more natural each time I try. I hope to continue practicing, learning, and growing on-air.

    I also attended an event with HAPPI at Tinseltown movie theater for their Spring Special. We played music outside, greeted guests, and passed out stickers as visitors walked into the building. Inside, we had a table set up with an enter-to-win box as well as our selfie booth which guests had fun using and enjoyed taking pictures with their families. All together it was a fun event and I am enjoying being out in the community and interacting with our HAPPI listeners.




    enjoying the beautiful weather by the bay this weekend!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day HAPPI listeners! Last week I started off by adding commercials or “spots” into the rotator. Then Ryan showed me how the voice tracking process works. He even let me try my own voice tracking as if I were on-air. This was probably my favorite thing I’ve done since I started my internship. It was so much fun to be able to get a little taste of what it’s like to have my own radio show. Also, it’s great practice to record your voice and be able to listen back to it to hear where you need to improve. I found out that it’s actually much harder than it appears. I definitely messed up a few times and Ryan and I had a good laugh about that, but it’s all a part of the learning process. Shari, Sam, Tom, Ryan, and everyone else at the station make it seem so easy and natural but in reality it takes a lot of practice to master talking on-air especially on a live show. I really hope to be able to continue practicing my on-air presence and possibly someday have my own show.

    Other than that, things have been going well at school. I attended an ACPC event that helped students prepare for the upcoming career fair. They gave tips about what to do before, during, and after the career fair and I gained a lot of useful advice from the presentation. I feel much more confident going into the career fair this March and look forward to talking to potential employers after graduation.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I hope you all get to spend some time with loved ones. Remember to spread a little extra love and HAPPIness today:) 



    Good Morning and Happy Vday from Frieda!

  4. Intern Mark Update!

    Hi there!

    This week has been quite eventful for me.

    In terms of HAPPI, I get to spend some time with Ryan and to help him with his weekend show. He does prerecorded voice tracks for the night show, and I helped decide his content. At one point, he had me help pick an article or two to talk about. He talked an article I found on about robotic surgeries happening in local Erie hospitals. That’s pretty crazy.


    After the voice tracks were done, Ryan and I produced the weather. The weather report is sent to use from a local news network and we cut it down in order to fit it into our schedule. After, we add some edits to make it sound pretty, and some sound/background music to make all of our weather reports have a standard sound.


    In terms of school, I had to make two promos for my radio show. I had to make both a 15 second and 30 second promo for BVZ. I was also initially planning to have my first show this week, but due to a flub-up in the DJ program we use, I was unable to this week. Next week, on Monday, I will be talking about Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It should be a great time.


    Just another eventful week in the life as a HAPPI intern.


    Mark Makowski


    Thirty Second Promo

  5. One Month Internship Update!

    Hey HAPPI fans! It’s been a crazy week here at the station and I’m really excited to update you all about what we’ve been doing. Last Tuesday I worked with Judy on a contest recap. A recap is basically a summary of a completed contest that allows us to learn more about our listeners so that we can tailor our broadcasts/events to their interests. I also got to put together the overnight weather report all on my own which was a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying doing little editing projects like that and hope to explore more production projects. Later in the week we set up for the auto show which included setting up tables, the tent, and the TV as well as the giveaway items. Then Ryan and I drove the HAPPI truck to deliver the ‘Feed Your Face’ contest winners their free Tim Horton’s lunch at work. This was a great experience and it was awesome to see their faces when we delivered their lunches and know we brought a little extra HAPPIness to their day.

    I was also given the opportunity to attend both a BayHawks game at the Erie Insurance Arena as well as the Auto Show at the Bayfront Convention Center. Ryan and I passed out stickers and Frisbees, ran a few enter-to-win contests, and talked with people as they passed by. It was wonderful to get to interact with Erie’s community and to have face-to-face conversations with our listeners. I had a lot of fun at these events, and I hope to get the chance to attend more in the future. As my first month at HAPPI 92.7 comes to an end, I can say that I’m truly loving this internship and can’t wait for what’s to come!



    enjoying a beautiful Erie sunset on my drive home 🙂

  6. Intern Mark Updates!

    Hey everyone!

    The last week has been eventful. In terms of school, I am still taking the radio practicum class at Penn State Behrend. I will be live on BVZ radio on Mondays at noon! You can listen to all the classical hits, that were also produced on vinyl, on my show, The Vinyl Version.

    For an assignment, I had to make a poster for my show that is displayed in the humanities’ building. I also will be playing those posters around campus in order to promote my show.

    This week I also got to spend time taking pictures of the HAPPI tent. I was also given the job of making sure that our display tables are looking exceptional. It is definitely important to make sure that everything is clean for our events. I finished cleaning the tabled and I felt pretty satisfied after, oddly enough.


    This week seemed to go pretty well.


    Thank you,

    Mark Makowski



  7. A HAPPI Intern Update

    Hey HAPPI listeners! Last week I shadowed Shari and Sam during their early morning show. I had a ton of fun and loved getting to experience the show first-hand. It was great to see how they interacted with each other and how their chemistry and personalities brought the show to life. I learned how they plan for their shows which includes preparing talking points, gathering news, and setting up contests. I also got to witness how they take calls and interact with their listeners. From shadowing just one show I’ve learned that everything with radio happens very quickly and you need to be alert and prepared for anything that may come your way. Things don’t always go as planned and sometimes you just need to roll with the punches. Waking up at 5 am was a struggle, but the time flew by and I learned a lot!

    Classes at Behrend are going well and I’m learning more skills that are helping me with my internship. We are doing a lot of graphic design which could prove to be beneficial for HAPPI’s website and social media. I am also developing my news writing skills and hope to start writing more blogs and press releases for HAPPI soon. Catch up with me next week and see what I’m up to at HAPPI 92.7!



    a snowy view of Behrend’s Smith Chapel where I work.

  8. A HAPPI Week as an Intern

    Hi there!

    Mark, one of the new interns from HAPPI 92.7, here. This last week has been an experience for me, both at HAPPI as well as for my own educational career.

    Last week, I got to spend some time with Shari and her feline friend, named Leo at the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania. We recorded her and Leo for a short video in order to promote adoption, and to show how ideal it would be to adopt Leo as a cat. Coincidentally, I have a cat named Leo, whom is also the same breed.

    After that, I got the opportunity  to go to Hallman Hyundai in order to set up and learn to use the HAPPI 92.7 Super Selfie Booth. Ryan Maloney taught the employees, as well as myself, how to setup the booth, use it properly, troubleshoot if an event occurs, replace cartridges, change picture backgrounds, and how to share their photos to Facebook or Twitter.

    As for education, I started to the radio practicum that Penn State Behrend offers, called BVZ. We first started by picking our shows, and how that would be planned. I picked a show loosely based on classic rock albums that have been printed on vinyl. I called it “The Vinyl Version”. As of writing this, I have not progressed further than that on my show. We are to receive our show times this week.

    Thank you,

    Mark A. Makowski


    My cat, Leo

  9. Catching up with Christa

    Stanley Cup banners at the iconic Joe Louis Arena in Detroit during a Red Wings game this weekend!

    Happi Tuesday folks! As I begin my third week at HAPPI 92.7 I’d like to share a little bit of what I’m learning with you all. Everyone at the station is super friendly and I’m feeling very welcomed. Ryan has done a great job taking me under his wing and teaching me everything he knows about radio. Last week we worked a bit with production and editing of weather reports and commercials. I got to shadow Sam and Ryan while they recorded a short commercial for a local business which I enjoyed a lot. Then we went back and did some editing to the commercial which included cutting, adjusting volumes, and adding music. Then Ryan showed me how to add these commercials into the rotator so that they play during the correct times/dates on air. We did this same thing with the weather reports as well as commercials sent into us by other agencies. I’ve learned that I actually really enjoy the production aspect of radio more than I thought I would, and working with Ryan on the different on-air pieces has sparked my interest in production and editing. Tom Scott has also been wonderful in showing me the ropes. He’s explained how playlists are made, how songs are chosen, and how they are added into the rotator. He also briefly showed me how they create sweepers and promos as well as some of the software they use. I’ve been loving my experience with HAPPI so far and I can’t wait to see what I learn next!



  10. HAPPI Welcomes Mark!


    My name is Mark Makowski.Right now I am a Junior Digit major at Penn State Behrend.

    I grew up initially in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and went to Burrell High School, which is located thirty miles northeast of Pittsburgh.  

    There are a few hobbies that I do outside of Happi. Currently,  I hold the Public Relations chair for both Interfraternity Council of Penn State Behrend and Triangle Fraternity PSB Chapter, Achieved the rank of Eagle scout at the age of seventeen, am a certified scuba diver, and I am a consultation agent with the Geek Squad at Best Buy during my other free time.
    As for my photograph, it was quite fun to take. I took a photography class though Penn State  last semester. I also have produced  light paintings and photo books before. What I attempt to do is for my last photo in the book to be me signing my name. This was the photo from my last book. Photography and music are huge passions of mine.


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