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  1. National Guy Get Recognized.

    If you have ever gone inside the McDonald’s off Kearsarge, you have mostly likely been greeted by a Erie’s National Ray Kroc Award winner, Brian Swyers.  I have had the pleasure of this on waaay more than one occasion.  Let’s just say at my autopsy my blood might contain Big Mac Special Sauce.


    Brian received an accolade that is reserved for just 1% of McDonald’s managers industry wide.  When you get the chance, go by and congratulate Brian.  You’ll feel good and I am sure, so will he.  When you do, “I’m lovin’ it!”

  2. First Snow

    Old man winter reared his ugly mug our way this last week with a foot of unexpected snow.  Well, unexpected is strong because we were anticipating some snow, just not that much.  What did we learn over that 12 hour period?  We learned we lost some driving skills over the spring and summer, snow is prettiest in a glass globe and the biggest lesson was to expect the unexpected.  But that is what Erie is all about! Unpredicted, unforeseen and unanticipated.  That is when we shine most.  Go ahead Mother Nature bring it.   Erie isn’t scared of no polar vortex, or whatever will become the current catch phrase.  Give us your best, we know it could be as last as April before we see a blossom.  That’s ok.  We’re a hearty breed.  Let’s all meet at Sara’s for some curly fries in May.

  3. My Machine

    For the past 2 months, I have been back in the gym like I used to be. An hour dedicated to moving, sweating and getting the heart rate up.  3 years ago, I did it every day for 1028 consecutive days and did not miss a day. Not one day.  It was an obsession.  My family was concerned.  I would retort, “would you rather have my addiction be crack cocaine or the PreCor 100i?”  Silence usually followed.  And like back in those days there is a specific machine that I have connected with.  This goes out to the Precor 100i #3 at Glenwood YMCA….

    “ok, I will share you with others, but it will be tough at times….I’m the jealous kind. I just can’t help myself!  I always look forward to our daily interaction.  Thank you for pushing me to the limit and going beyond anything I would attempt without you.  You make my day.  Love, Shari.”

  4. Box of chocolates!

    Hey its Shari McBride and this is my first blog post.

    I can hear Johnny Olson from the Price Is Right declaring, “ You’ve just won a brand new car!” I just did.  Sorta.   For the very first time in my 53 years on earth, I am driving a bona fide, brand new 2015 vehicle.  I’m sorry Suze Orman, but nothing could stop me.  And it’s not like I really even thought about it for any length of time.  I walked into a showroom, pointed out an automobile and grunted something like, “mine”.  30 minutes later, I was being handed the keys…and a container of coco confections. Forrest Gump was right… life IS like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get….OR what is its gas mileage.



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