27 Jul 2020

Ryan Reynolds deserves MAJOR props for this

Ryan Reynolds deserves MAJOR props for this. It took everything I had not to cry this morning when talking about it. The dude is seriously my Hero of the Day.

What did he do? Let me tell ya…

Twenty eight year old Mara Soriano lost her teddy bear, but not just any teddy bear. This teddy bear holds a very special place in her heart. (This is where the tears want to flow…) The teddy bear features her mom’s voice, her final voice recording before dying of cancer last year.

Mara is missing more items from her stolen backpack, including an iPad and a Nintendo Switch, but really all she cares about is her “mama bear.”

Ryan got on Twitter and offered $5,000 to whoever returns the bear to Mara with “zero questions asked.”

We hope she gets her bear back! And thanks to Ryan for being the coolest dude on the internet today.

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