29 Jun 2020

Perfume mania! Dab a little behind your ears for good health!

I am a perfume addict. I own more perfume than one human being should be permitted to have. I have a dresser top covered in perfume bottles. Fruity, woodsy, foodie, feminine, masculine, mysterious, fun. You name it and I own it. Then move a bit to your left in my make up room (yes…my make up room. I have a lot of make up, too. I call it my Glam Room) and you will come across my cabinet of perfume oils. I have everything from patchouli to black opium to sandalwood to jasmine to vanilla to vetiver to everything else under the sun. (Let’s just say that Grasshopper loves me…) I can’t get enough. I smell them and I want them. (I think there are far worse things to be addicted to, right?) There is one particular scent I wear with great pride. Black Copium from Kuumba. You see, I wore that the night I met Adam Lambert and he told me I smelled “yummy”. That is not something you soon forget. When I want to feel those extra superpowers, I break out the Black Copium. I covet that stuff.

I am going somewhere with this drivel…I promise. I was reading a study about perfume and well being. We’ve all been in isolation and that means we are home alone a lot. When we are home…should we spray on a little perfume or is that just being wasteful? It doesn’t come cheap, ya know!

The answer to this is simple. Yes. Yes…you should spray on a little perfume. Dance around the room. Laugh. Smile. Sing along to Happi. Or just stop at spraying on the perfume. Your choice. I like to do all of the above.

If you want a quick pick me up, dust off that bottle of smells and give yourself a spritz. Seems as though the best route to your brain might just be your nose.

How so?

Scents and smells have an instant impact on us. They trigger emotions immediately because of where they are processed in the brain. If you have a good memory tied to a scent (i.e. ADAM FREAKING LAMBERT), those good vibes will flood back in. And guess what? You will instantly feel better as you are taken back to a happy memory. (i.e. ADAM FREAKING LAMBERT)

Fragrance is mood enhancing…and this isn’t mumbo jumbo. This is SCIENCE. Research has shown that perfume can literally enhance your mood and by choosing to wear perfume, you are tapping into a way to enhance well being AND self esteem. I like the sound of that!

Know what else perfume can do? It can boost your immune system. How can it do that, exactly? There’s an environmental psychologist named Sally Augustin and she says that smelling a scent puts you in a better mood and that when people are in a better mood, their immune system functions more efficiently. That’s good news because we ALL need a stronger immune system these days.

So there you have it. Spray on a little perfume and be Happi.





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