23 Jun 2020

Rate pies and find out your emotional age? Is this real? (Hint: the answer is yes…)

I get into work really early. Why? Because I have a lot of nonsense I need to research! I have several websites I check, pages to scan, rumors to follow up on! I take my nonsense research very seriously. I want to find the coolest stuff to talk about because I really do want to be the coolest kid on the block. I will admit though, taking quizzes like this one is not helping me out with any cool cred or cool points. Nope…not at all. And the results…well, let’s just say I may need to take my Geritol, rub myself down with muscle ache cream and take a good 3 hour nap.

This is the headline that got me. “What’s your emotional age? Rate 20 pies from Yum to Yuck.” I mean, could you possibly pass that quiz up? I think not!

So I took it. And do you know what it told me? I will tell you what it told me. It told me the truth.

What is my emotional age? My emotional age is 90. Yes, 90.

This is what it said: “Sure, you could be out drinking and having a wild time, but your idea of a wild time is binging an old series you’ve already seen a dozen times just because it makes you happy. You’re often in bed by the time your friends are just about to go out, and you’re up right when the sun is. This doesn’t mean you don’t like to go out and have a good time every now and then, but you like what you like and that’s what makes you unique.”

I cannot argue with one bit of that. It’s me. 100% me.

See if the pie quiz gets you, too.



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