19 Jun 2020

Summer fashion trends! Yay or nay?

I really do enjoy fashion. I tend to go for a very retro vibe and don’t much follow trends but at the same time, I enjoy seeing what is popular and what everyone is wearing.

I don’t know about you, but summer 2020 pretty much feels cancelled…even though it’s not REALLY cancelled. It just feels that way. It’s a totally different kind of summer for us. With that said, it doesn’t mean there’s still not plenty we can do to have fun at a safe distance. And that leads me to the question of “What do we wear with our masks? What’s the 411 on summer fash?”

Krista Roser is a celeb stylist and she has a list of things that all the cool kids will be rockin’ this summer. So let’s go through her findings.

Krista says that trench coats are going to be really big this summer. A flowy summer dress and a trench is apparently VERY cool. The Matrix is coming back and no one makes a trench look cooler than Keanu!

Now this one I’m confused about. It doesn’t matter how much you fade, distress, bleach, hem or whatever BUT denim on denim will never be cool in my eyes. Krista thinks differently. She says the Canadian Tux is back in a big way. She’s expecting designers to jump on this trend in very creative ways. Um…that’s a no for me. What about you? (I mean, she’s the celeb stylist, not me so I guess if you’re going to trust an opinion on this, it should prob be hers and not mine.)

And finally…something I can get into. I love bright colors. Krista had some help here with designer Phillppe Uter, who works with “13 Reasons Why” star Anne Winters. Phillppe says that we need color and positivity now more than ever in our lives and while neon is hard to pull off, if you do it correctly, it will illuminate your skin and instantly give you a glow. (Which is very good to know if you ask me!)

So if you really were wondering “What the heck am I going to wear with my mask this summer?”…we’ve answered your question.

I don’t know…like I said, I don’t follow trends. I don’t like the thought of wearing something just because it’s cool or everyone else is doing it. I would rather feel like I’ve created my own trend.

You do you and I’ll do me!

And that concludes this very important piece of literary genius. Have a great day!

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