04 Apr 2017

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All — Peeps Candles!

So I was just casually browsing around the Millcreek Mall this week and what do I find?! Peeps-scented candles! Why didn’t they think of this sooner?! They smell just like the real thing! So, naturally I had to buy a couple… So far they only had the pink Peeps scent, but the sky’s the limit.  I’m sure by this time next year, they will have every flavor of Peeps in candle form. By the way, if you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve noticed that we’ve come a long way from just pink and yellow Peeps. There has to be at least 20 different flavors now!

Sidenote: Burning this candle will make you hungry. Now I have to go stock my freezer with Peeps. 😉 ~Amy


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