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  1. This week in Hollywood, we got our first look at the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, Dead Men Tell No Tales. While Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow is nowhere to be found, we do get a look at Javier Bardem‘s evil pirate captain Salazar, who’s on the hunt for Sparrow. The film has a release date of May, 26th, 2017 and will be directed by  Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki).

    Hot on the heels of last week’s news Jon Favreau would direct a live-action Lion King remake, now a live-action Mulan is in the works with a target release year of 2018, just in time for the original 1998 film’s 20th anniversary. No word yet on who Disney is looking for in a director, but they said in a statement quote, “He must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.”

    The third Wolverine film has a teaser poster and title, “LOGAN.” I really love this title…whereas previous films have emphasized the character’s animalistic nature, for what will be Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film, it seems fitting to play up his commonalities with humanity rather than his differences. Jackman himself says the film will be quote, “different. Very different in tone and hopefully to anything we’ve done.” Expect my butt in the theater for this one in March of 2017.

    The title for the upcoming sequel to 80’s cult classic Blade Runner has also been revealed, and it’s “Blade Runner 2049.” Little is known about the film other than its players – original Runner director Ridley Scott is producing, Prisoners helmer Denis Villeneuve is directing, Ryan Gosling is starring, and Harrison Ford is returning. The film will be released exactly one year from now in October 2017.

    Finally, Warner Bros. announced David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will recieve an extended cut for its home video release in November. Fans are hopeful this will correct the flaws of the theatrical cut, as the film received a critical tongue-lashing over its choppy editing and inconsistent tone. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, this seems little more than a marketing ploy to placate fans rather than a legitimate, ground-up re-imagining. However, more scenes of Jared Leto’s Joker surely couldn’t hurt.

    In theaters this week are The Girl on the Train starring Emily Blunt and based on bestselling novel, and The Birth of a Nation, about Nat Turner and his slave rebellion in Virginia, 1831. The film is directed by and starring Nate Parker, who is currently under a whirlwind of controversy, but perhaps reading this thought-provoking article from The Playlist will provide some interesting perspective.

    Ryan recommends…

    Well…it’s October, so I’m thinking Netflix and horror flicks.

    Stay HAPPI Erie! 🙂


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