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  1. Kick These Bad Dating Habits



    We all have bad habits, things that hold us back. Cleaning up your act only cleans up your life and sets up success.

    You want to find Mr. Right someday don’t you? Well, to make that happen some things have to be reorganized. Let’s get started.

    Here are some dating habits to dump like outdated clothes, courtesy ofBustle.

    • Believing every guy you date will turn out the same. You have to judge each person as an individual, and for how they treat you. Go in with an open mind.
    • Acting like someone you’re not. Down the road, he will see the truth.
    • Losing your sense of self. Don’t ever drop everything for anyone.
    • Stalking your dates online. This one is obvious.

  2. Adele Is Taking ANOTHER Break



    Adele is planning to take a 5 YEAR BREAK after she is done with her current tour.  She wants to take some time for herself and spend more time with her 3 year old son.  She’s earned it, right?

  3. Strange Things On Expense Reports



    Is there anything more fun than having an expense account from work? Of course, while it’s great to get the office to be able to pay for your dinner or drinks (with a client of course), it’s pretty apparent that a lot of people out there are abusing the system.

    According to a new survey by Robert Half Management, 23% of CFOs reported an increase in inappropriate expense report requests, with only 11% reporting a drop.

    As for examples of unusual requests, CFOs say they include:

    • New car
    • Rental homes
    • Vacations
    • Flat-screen TV
    • Toilet paper
    • Doggie day spa
    • Loans
    • Rent
    • 10-cent parking-meter charge
    • Medications
    • Taxidermy
    • Dance classes
    • Ski Trips
    • Lottery Tickets
    • Cosmetic Surgery

    And while all of those seem a little nuts, they’re far from the most outrageous. Among the stranger ones reported:

    • “A side of beef – somebody bought half of a cow”
    • “A welder”
    • “Somebody else’s salary”


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