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  1. Mistledrone? Or, Is It Drone-Toe?

    Mistledrone?  Or, Is It Drone-Toe?

    In the UK TGIFridays Restaurants are using a mistletoe carrying drone this Holiday season.  It hovers above couple’s tables and even videotapes you as you lock lips.


    2014 AMAs


    2014 American Music Awards went down on ABC last night…  Hosted by Pitbull.  Here’s the complete winner’s list:

    Dick Clark Award for Excellence – Taylor Swift

    Artist of the Year – One Direction

    Best Pop/Rock Band – One Direction

    Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album – The New Classic, Iggy Azalea

    Best Pop/Rock Album – Midnight Memories, One Direction

    Best Pop/Rock Male Artist – Sam Smith

    Best Pop/Rock Female Artist – Katy Perry

    Best Country Male Artist – Luke Bryan

    Best Alternative Rock Artist – Imagine Dragons

    Best New Artist of the Year – 5 Seconds of Summer

    Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist – Iggy Azalea

    Best Country Album – Just As I Am, Brantley Gilbert

    Best Latin Artist – Enrique Iglesias

    Single of the Year – Dark Horse , Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

    Best Country Female Artist – Carrie Underwood

    Best Country Band – Florida Georgia Line

    Best Soul/R&B Male Artist – John Legend

    Best Soul/R&B Female Artist – Beyonce

    Best Soul/R&B Album – BEYONCE , Beyonce

    Best Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Artist – Calvin Harris

    Best Soundtrack – Frozen

  3. Dinner


    You Will Pay More For Turkey Day Dinner This Year

    The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up from last year…  Just a little bit, though.  It’ll cost $49.41 for ten people.  Up 37 cents from last year.  You can blame the higher cost on increases in the cost of dairy products, and miscellaneous ingredients such as coffee, sugar, eggs and sweet potatoes. At the same time, flour-based foods such as stuffing mix, pie shells and dinner rolls got a tad cheaper this year.

  4. Normal Barbie

    An artist named Nickolay Lamm has created a “Normal Barbie” that has the body of an average American woman and comes with add-ons like acne, scars and stretch marks. The dolls, which were designed last year and are now available for purchase, are intended to show kids that everyone has flaws and that they shoud be embraced. The stickers allow children to customize their dolls by adding freckles, stitches and grass stains, among other features. Lamm also made a video that shows how second graders respond to a realistically-proportioned fashion doll. The response is overwhelmingly positive, and includes comments like “I think she’s really pretty,” and “She looks like my sister.”

  5. Bored? Try Messing With Grandpa…

    “Worcestershire sauce” is hard enough to say without an accent, so it’s no surprise that 75-year-old Italian grandpa Pasquale Sciarappa had a tough time with it!

    Rockin a shirt that says, “No Sweat, No Sauce,” Grandpa Pasquale lends his cooking talents to his YouTube cooking series, “OrsaraRecipes.” In the video, he trips up on the word “Worcestershire.” Poor guy!

    Click Here To See The Video

  6. Johnny Depp At Hollywood Film Awards

    On Friday, Johnny Depp presented the award for Best Documentary at The Hollywood Film Awards.  Some people are saying  (Because of the way he was goofing around and slurring his words) that he was wasted.  What do you think…  Click Here To Watch The Video

  7. First Snow

    Old man winter reared his ugly mug our way this last week with a foot of unexpected snow.  Well, unexpected is strong because we were anticipating some snow, just not that much.  What did we learn over that 12 hour period?  We learned we lost some driving skills over the spring and summer, snow is prettiest in a glass globe and the biggest lesson was to expect the unexpected.  But that is what Erie is all about! Unpredicted, unforeseen and unanticipated.  That is when we shine most.  Go ahead Mother Nature bring it.   Erie isn’t scared of no polar vortex, or whatever will become the current catch phrase.  Give us your best, we know it could be as last as April before we see a blossom.  That’s ok.  We’re a hearty breed.  Let’s all meet at Sara’s for some curly fries in May.



    Twenty-three years into their marriage, Kay lost her wedding ring.

    Dave finally found the band after years of searching. He had been helping his wife clean the house when he found a little wooden box.  Inside… The ring!

    He wanted to find a unique way to give it back to her.  Their daughter suggested he propose…  So he did with the daughter recording it on her cellphone.

    Check out the video here


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