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    Kris Jenner officially filed for divorce from Bruce after the pair separated in early June of last year

    Reports indicate that the reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences..

    Surprisingly there was no prenup, and works of splitting the property has been under wraps with their business managers over the last couple of months

    Kris and Bruce will share joint custody over youngest daughter Kylie, but neither will receive spousal support..

  2. Nicki Minaj if officially clear from the $30 million dollar lawsuit that her former hair stylist Terrance Davidson attempted to file against her earlier this year.

    According to the suit, Davidson claimed he partnered up with Nicki to help design colored wigs for the superstar, but then “cut” him out to make the larger profit just for herself.

    The wiggy situation found its way to the courtroom where the judge explained to the stylist that since there’s nothing special about the faux hair, the stylist can’t stake creative claims over the color and desigins. and the fact that the idea was JUST an idea and no other details were set in stone.

  3. Box of chocolates!

    Hey its Shari McBride and this is my first blog post.

    I can hear Johnny Olson from the Price Is Right declaring, “ You’ve just won a brand new car!” I just did.  Sorta.   For the very first time in my 53 years on earth, I am driving a bona fide, brand new 2015 vehicle.  I’m sorry Suze Orman, but nothing could stop me.  And it’s not like I really even thought about it for any length of time.  I walked into a showroom, pointed out an automobile and grunted something like, “mine”.  30 minutes later, I was being handed the keys…and a container of coco confections. Forrest Gump was right… life IS like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get….OR what is its gas mileage.


  4. 53 I would like to officially introduce myself. As mentioned above, I started at happi as an intern about a year ago and worked my way into the business just in time for me to graduate from Mercyhurst University just this past May. I have a passion for animals, family, and of course food. I am a proud frog mom to my amphibian Lilly. I love reading up on celebrity shenanigans, and pinning random things to my many Pinterest boards.. including wedding stuff even though I have no reason to. I am a professional procrastinator, I get cranky (or “crusty” if you’re talking to Shari) when I’m hungry, and cannot survive without at least 1 Redbull a day. I’m so excited to share my blog with you because I love to share all the fun things I find online with everyone other than my family and boyfriend, who constantly have to hear about it. I’m typically drawn to things about dogs, the latest in the Hollywood world, amazing mouth watering recipes, crazy stories, and of course things that make me laugh.. because.. who doesn’t love to laugh?


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